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Default Re: Nothing Is Working For Me This Week

Originally Posted by Myth

I bought a new computer from them since my last one died and they said for $100, they could transfer my memory to an external hard drive from my old computer. I took them up on it because I lost some really important work on my dissertation. I said put the documents on there first, and if there is room on the external, add pictures and my music too. In order to take the hard drive home and check everything out on my computer, I had to sign this thing saying I was satisfied with the repairs that were done (before I actually see what was done). I get home, and they transferred shit loads of things I didn't care for, and absent is the dissertation stuff, which is the only reason I paid $100 in the first place. To boot, the most recently added songs from my old computer that they put on my external were from May of last year, which were already backed up anyway, so pointless. I'm bringing everything back tomorrow, hoping to either get a refund or see if they can try again and get me the shit I actually wanted my $100 to save. I'm afraid that since I signed that bogus contract, I won't be getting a refund since they will say "Well we transferred everything we could."
Exactly, F Bestbuy. Shit customer service, unhelpful employees, just a rip off in general. There's a reason why they;re going downhill. And why would you pay someone 100 bucks just to transfer files to an external Hard Drive? That's really easy, no reason you can't do it yourself.
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