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Default Re: Nothing Is Working For Me This Week

Originally Posted by Myth
You must have missed the part that my computer was f*cked. I can transfer info on working computers no problem, but I couldn't get my computer to open windows, and the computer would restart after being on for 1 minute. I handed my computer to some of my buddies who are way better with computer (they're webpage designers), and they were the ones that told me that the info could still be transferred, but it required additional equipment that neither I nor them had.

I brought my computer back to Bestbuy and they are going to see if the files just weren't transferred or if they were unable to transfer them due to corruption. Now I cross my fingers.

See that is when you go on ISH and post this kind of sh*t so a Linux guy like me can walk you through it instead of wasting $100 on a piece of crap service that couldn't even get your sh*t right.

You could of dual boot with Linux, jump into windows, grab all the stuff you needed and transfer it that way. *Tsk tsk .. fail.
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