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Default Re: Nothing Is Working For Me This Week

Originally Posted by Myth
I have a kidney disease called IgA Nephropathy, which was discovered almost 10 years ago and led to needing a kidney transplant last summer. I discovered it after going to the hospital for an unrelated incident and my blood pressure was 200/133. Blood pressure and kidney issues are strongly related, so they looked into kidney problems and discovered it. I felt no symptoms at that point, but the closer I was to full blown kidney failure, the more symptoms that started up: Mostly fatigue and twitching legs/restless leg syndrome when I got sleepy.

What makes you think you have kidney problems? And if you think you have kidney problems, I would see a doctor. They are no joke.

Sometimes I think I feel odd sensations in my kidney area like a kidney stone is forming or something. It could just be oblique pain. And, every now and then, my skin on my stomach will inexplicably break out in little red spots everywhere. But they go away.

I could be having some sort of filtration issues in my liver or kidneys.

What do you think caused your kidney issues? Was it genetic or did some behaviors/habits bring them on?
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