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Learning to shoot layups
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Theres no way this kid saw MJ in his early years. Wade isnt even close. Theres no comparison. And i have to reiterate was said by another person: Kobe, AI, T-Mac, MJ, Lebron or whoever would have beat the Mavericks with that same Miami team. This Dallas team was weak against SG's all year. I mean Kobe hit them for what, 63 in 3 quarters this year. Wade is nice but Its so disrespectful how young players are compared to MJ as soon as they show a little skill. Its sick. And by the way, I have never seen Wade shut anyone down on defense the way MJ used to. Lets not forget, Money was defensive player of the year one year and all-defensive first team damn near every year. Wade will probably never be in the running for Defensive player of the year in his career. Also, they were not equal coming out of college because MJ had an NCAA championship under his belt. Do some homework and check some highlights first because the suggested comparison is blasphemous.
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