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Default Re: Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

"She's "petting" something and then dancing a bit. Could be an Ecstasy pill that contains MDMA plus some other hallucinogen," Porrata said.

I'm sorry but this is stupid as sh*t. This "professional" prob has never done any ecstasy or observed anyone on it. Where are the glosticks. Why doesn't she have a pacifier in her mouth; and why isn't she looking for some random stranger to give a nice good ole fashion raver massage.

If she's thirsty, why didn't she go back to her room, downstairs, or knock on someone's door to get a glass of water. Makes no sense at all she's going to climb upstairs, break the alarm like she's f*ckin Mcguyver, climb to the bin, lift up the heavy lid, and throw herself in there.

There is a difference between being high and delusional; obviously she must be one delusional girl to go through all that. It's as stupid as saying smoke pot will make you a murderer.
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