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Default Re: Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
...If she's thirsty, why didn't she go back to her room, downstairs, or knock on someone's door to get a glass of water. Makes no sense at all she's going to climb upstairs, break the alarm like she's f*ckin Mcguyver, climb to the bin, lift up the heavy lid, and throw herself in there.

There is a difference between being high and delusional; obviously she must be one delusional girl to go through all that.

"She's "petting" something and then dancing a bit. Could be an Ecstasy pill that contains MDMA plus some other hallucinogen. Getting into the corner of the elevator and looking out repeatedly could seem like paranoia or just part of her hallucination.

Hard to say from just that little bit. Even harder of course to guess whether it was something she took voluntarily or was slipped to her.

Ecstasy IS considered a rape drug but so many pills called Ecstasy so often is a mixture or something else completely that they don't get the desired effects for a sexual assault.

she was probably running from someone. no doubt.

but she was probably drugged by that person. she seemed like she was scared for her life, but also high as fukc.
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