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Default Re: How do you play 21?

Each shot is worth 1.
After each make, you have FTs or 3pt shots to add on. No more than three consecutive makes.
First FT is two points, thereafter is one. First three is three points, thereafter is two.
Once you hit 21+, you have to hit a three. If you miss, and someone else scores, you drop to 15. If you miss and are the first to score, you get another chance to end the game.

We also play with "tips" and with "elimination".

With tips, its a putback. If someone putsback a miss right off the backboard/rim, you drop to zero. If you are at zero, you are eliminated. If you have 18+, you drop to 8 at a tip.

With eliminations, once someone hits 15+, you must have 6+ or you are eliminated.
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