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Default Re: Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

Originally Posted by BRabbiT
she was probably running from someone. no doubt.

but she was probably drugged by that person. she seemed like she was scared for her life, but also high as fukc.

Yea and that would suck if they find drugs in her system and concluded it was a suicide.

Sounds like such an easy cop out because the logic is basically this:

1. She is high on drugs.

2. Since she is high on drugs, she is thirsty.

3. Therefore, she is going steal to the hotel key, find her way to the top, find a water bin, climb up the stairs, lift the heavy lid, and jump inside when all she really wanted to do is to take a zip of water.

Makes no f*ckin sense.

First, if she is indeed delusional, why would she even think about finding a person who had access to the key to begin with and on top of that, how would she even know it was locked in the first place. Second, how would she possibly know water was up there with no prior knowledge of the hotel. 3rd, why would she go through all that trouble to get a drink of water when she could of easily walked downstairs to a fountain, back to her room, or knock on someone's door and ask for a glass of water.

She must be really thirsty to go through all of that just for a zip of water.

Conclusion: if she was indeed that delusional to accidentally jump in the water bin and end up killing herself, then there would of been no way for her to know water was up there in the first place.

I mean is there a map somewhere in the hotel pinpointing to that water bin with the exact words, "GET YOUR DRINK ON" somewhere in that hotel?

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