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Default Re: How old do you think you can carry on playing basketball til?

You can play as a grandpa, I've seen it. You just have to change your game. Become a great shooter, work on tricky moves and you'll always have a spot in a pickup game at the park.

I used to dunk back in the day and when I lost the hops I wanted to give up. I just changed up my game. I used to penetrate with speed and now I'm more crafty and use more crossovers, jab steps, sweeps, etc... I can't dunk anymore and that sucks but I can still score. I used to work from the 3 point line and get to the rim, now I set up at the elbows and either hit the midrange shot, sweep to the rim or back up and post up.

Young days: 3s, penetrate with speed.
These days: 3s, mid range, post ups, penetrate with craftiness.

Still score about the same, just in different ways.

Oh yeah on the defensive side, I force left (their off hand whichever it is) and when the get a step on me, I hand check and if that doesn't work and just act like Artest and rip the ball as they're trying to layup. usually I rip the ball cleanly but I really don't care if I get hand and foul them, they usually don't want to do it again. I foul a lot more then back in the day, nothing dirty though. I just prevent the shot, they get the ball back and try something else. In my mind, it's almost like a defensive stop. I know it's not of course.

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