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Originally Posted by bagelred
Yeah, he can somehow force a trade to place where he wants to go. And then Cavs will get compensation.

He'll force his way to the Nets and Nets will give up Jefferson/Krstic to get him....just wait another two years....

Does Lebron really wanna be the next Kevin Garnett? Stuck in a small town, with minimal supporting cast ruining his career?

He's a fool. He should force his way to the big market and let Nike pay him $100 million more, and then more endorsements.....

I guess that is what this should be about, huh? Making money? Getting endorsements? Maybe LeBron has a little more respect and love for his hometown than you do? Maybe he wants to be the next Jim Brown and take Cleveland to a well overdue title?

It is pretty sad that these basketball "fans" would want a guy to follow the money and leave his hometown in the dust chasing the almighty dollar.
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