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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire Novels

Originally Posted by hops and stops
People should stop calling these books deep and well written. It's a questionably written series of fantasy books that is only successful from the lack of other epic fantasy-based sagas out there. From what I've read, the writer is totally crap and feeds off the killings of his main characters for no other reason than to shock the audience, but alas, most of today's readers haven't read more than five books the day they turn 18. So who cares how it's written let's be glad that they read something.

The tv series is similar. Just with boobs to try to get you through the lengths that could otherwise be filled with meaningful character developments.
Look how intricate and deep the whole world is, how many characters there are, and how the plot interweaves and how he paces things and reveals information. He's one guy coming up with all of this, and he has written other novels in between, not to mention writing for TV. In terms of world building he's on par with Tolkien, Lucas and Terry Pratchett. He is a good writer who has won loads of writing awards, and his books are popular because they're well written and tell interesting stories.

He doesn't feed off the killing of his main characters, I think his problem is he's so good at coming up with interesting characters that he just keeps adding more and more and more all the time. He's going to die before it all wraps up. Shit
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