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Default Re: Gaming Nostalgia

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
The best space sims ever. I remember Freespace was the first game that I played that came on a DVD. Freespace 2 was pretty much perfect in every single way.
I actually got a copy of FS free with a PC I bought back in '98. It was just the disc and I couldn't understand what the hell was in it, so I stuck in my computer and installed it and then realized it was a frigging game! It was the first game I had played in years and I was hooked right away.

But yeah agreed on all counts. FS2 was awesomeness and I was heart broken they killed the franchise even after it was awarded action game of the year. You got the feeling they were planning something awesome with the Shivan storyline.

Also, you should check out Star Citizen.
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