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Jazz fan here... I just wanna give props to GP for finally getting his ring. When he and the Mailman teamed up in LA, most of us here cursed Malone for being a traitor and trying to win a ring with a team not named the Utah Jazz. But I understood how important winning a championship was to him - even if it would've been on the coattails of younger stars. His career was worthy of a ring, regardless of the team. Same goes for Gary. We had some classic battles back in the day with him and Kemp against our duo. And that's when i became a GP fan. Especially when he said how much respect he had for Stockton. ha. I'm glad Payton won't have to go down as "one of the greatest to never..." He got his ring. And the Seattle Sonics had one of the most passionate players in the game. Just remember it as that.
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