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Default The forgotten Reggie Lewis

I've been thinking about Reggie Lewis lately. When I first started watching basketball, I was a big Reggie Lewis fan (along with Larry of course), and have noticed how nobody really ever talks about him. I remember that he was the top ranked small forward in the East and people thought more of him than Dominique Wilikns or Scottie Pippen.

It's exciting yet sad to think how good the Celtics could have been. Len Bias died in 1986, and was compared by many to be Michael Jordan with more athleticism and size. Reggie Lewis would have been the perfect complimentary player (like Scottie), but he passed away in 1993. A tandem of Bias and Lewis would have given the Bulls fits. I remember a commentator once saying that Lewis blocked Jordan 4 times in a game, that has always stuck with me. The Celtics really missed out because of the lost transition years that Lewis and Bias should have supplied. Instead players like Radja, Brown, Fox and Douglas were holding over until the Celtics could rebuild. It still hasn't happened. Pierce would have never gotten to wear number 34, Bias would have had it retired.

Tragic Celtic events: (all featuring small forwards)
-Len Bias overdoses from cocaine before ever suiting up for a game.
-Larry Bird is forced to retire from back pain
-Reggie Lewis dies from a heart attack.
-Paul Pierce is stabbed.

That seems pretty weird, heaps of crap.

I appreciate your comments on what the Celtic could have been with Bias and Lewis as the tandem. Thoise guys would have learnt a lot from Bird, McHale and Parish, and McHale and Parish would have been around until 1994 with them as well.
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