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every college is aware of the AP courses. and most colleges I applied to ask me to give my weighted and unweighted gpa. my 4.3 transferred to be 3.9. what you do is that you assume all the AP classes to be normal classes and then figure out the gpa. my 4.3 doesnt transfer to 3.4. think about this. if i take 4 AP classes and get an A in them and take 2 normal classes and get an A that would leave at a 4.667 gpa. so i got straight As. does this mean that it will trasnfer to be less than 4.0 because i have AP classes?

Every GPA is out of some max that is achievable. Good for you if your school considers your 4.3 to be equivalent of a 3.9. As it works out, only a small number of people can have a super high GPA (it's tough). But even fewer than that have a high GPA *AND* are national-caliber athletes on top of the grades. And even fewer happen to be millionaire son/daughters with hundreds of millions of dollars coming to them in inheritance whether they do any work or not. Jeff Jordan's gonna be one of those rare millionaire kids who have straight As and are top jocks also. So it's worth congratulating.
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