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Originally Posted by MaxFly
I certainly haven't forgotten about him. The Celtics wouldn't be in the position they are in now if Bias and Reggie had played out their careers...

Imagine say, the 89-90 Celtics.

CT: Robert Parish/ Joe Kleine
PF: Kevin McHale/ Len Bias/ Ed Pinckney
SF: Larry Bird/ Len Bias
SG: Reggie Lewis/ Kevin Gamble
PG: Dennis Johnson/ John Bagley

There is no way any team is topping these guys. You can forget about the bad boys, and forget about the Bulls in this time too. Lewis played very good D o nJordan, and when Lewis was on offense he also gave Jordan fits (he once said that Lewis was one of the hardest guys to guard). Bias would be a matchup nightmare for the Bulls as well, they would've had to put Pippen on Bird, leaving McHale to work on Grant and Parish to have his way with Cartwright. I just think the different lineups that Boston could have thrown at teams like New York, Detroit and Chicago, would have thrown those teams off their games and given them way too much to do on defense. 5 bonafide ALLSTARS on one team, Lewis, Bird, Bias, Parish and McHale. Scary scary stuff.
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