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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY CAREER MODE' Discussion

my player's rookie season, average like 12 minutes a game, won rookie of the year and 6th man. took the 76ers to the finals. but the stupid auto coaching system always takes my dude out in close games and we'd always lose... so we finally lost game 7 in the finals to OKC because the idiot coach took me out in the final 5 minutes while we were down by like 6 points.... so i asked for a trade.

got traded to the Heat for LEbron.
my player's 2nd season. I simulated most of the game until the Heat was about 40-23. My guy had pretty mediocre stats as well avging about 20 minutes a game. So I decided to play every game from now on to get the 1st seed. 76ers, at this point, are something like 50+ and 11. I just finished the season avging 31ppg-4-8 61%FG, 48% 3p, 96% FT with just 27 mpg. Heat record now 59-23, 1st in league. My dude won MVP, MIP, 1st team NBA.

Now we are playing the Cavs in 1st round, we currently 2-0. My player in these 2 games: 51ppg, 17 apg, 0 rpg , 80+%FG, 100% FT. 60+ PER.
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