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Originally Posted by Human Error
If he does have a pretty nice offensive game, he would average more than 9 ppg in his final college season. So far, the only weapon he possesses on offense seems to be cut-in's.

I'm not sure if you're aware of what it takes to be a nice offensive player in the freakin' NBA. Trenton Hassell averaged 19 ppg in his senior season and people say that he has zero offensive game and the exact same thing can be said to the likes of Bruce Bowen, Adrian Griffin and Quinton Ross who're now being used strictly as defensive specialist as they aren't good to score a lot in the NBA where it's a lot more difficult to score than the NCAA. Greg Minor at least averaged 13 ppg, believe me, Balkman's offensive game will make Shandon Anderson look like Michael Jordan.

lol I didn't mean for you to get offended... that response sounds like you did. You even said, "I admit that I haven't seen him a lot, but judging from what I heard..." I was just explaining that a lot of what other people have been saying about Balkman is wrong. Now people are starting to come around, thankfully.
Recently, a lot of people have been judging Renaldo Balkman based on his stats... it is just not a good thing to do. If you would watch him play, there is really no debate that he has a pretty nice offensive game. Like i said, he can handle, he knows when and where to cut to the hoop, he finishes very well, and something that I did not mention is that he is very nice passer. In his first game he had a few great outlet passes, and in the second game he showed some nice interior passing ability.

Don't take what I said to mean that he will be a big offensive threat in the NBA... just think of it like this: he won't be Ben Wallace. He will be far from a liability on offense... like you actually said, he is an excellent finisher off cuts. That will be his bread and butter on offense.

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