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Originally Posted by GOBB
All he did was dunk. Same thing he did in college. Guy has no handles nor can he create his own shot. His jumper isnt consistent and owns not many low post moves if that. He is a hustle player who thrives off cutting to the basket getting buckets, grabbing rebounds, blocking shots being active. Much like Jerome Williams outta GTown.

He dunked, he also shot foul shots (where he showed a ery fluid stroke).
He did show a nice ability to handle the ball, though. Maybe people's standards are just higher than they need to be... he doesn't have a point guard's handle, he doesn't have Ray Allan's jumpshot, etc. What the guy has is a knack for knowing when to cut to the hoop, finishing very well, possessing a nice jumpshot within 14 feet of the hoop, good passing ability. Again, my thoughts are that he will be far from a liability on offense - he will be one of the best finishers on the team.
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