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Originally Posted by Younggrease
for a #20 pick whats wrong with that. He hustles rebounds and finishes, and looks like he could be a shut down defender. Plus i think he will be able to play really well off of marbury which is a rare quality. Balkman will have a better career than a lot of the top 19 picks imo. Isiah could have gotten him later but maybe he really thought someone else wanted him and didnt wwant to risk it.

Because there were better talent at 20 then taking him. Real simple. Take him at 29 and take the better talent at 20.

He dunked, he also shot foul shots (where he showed a ery fluid stroke).
He did show a nice ability to handle the ball, though. Maybe people's standards are just higher than they need to be... he doesn't have a point guard's handle, he doesn't have Ray Allan's jumpshot, etc. What the guy has is a knack for knowing when to cut to the hoop, finishing very well, possessing a nice jumpshot within 14 feet of the hoop, good passing ability. Again, my thoughts are that he will be far from a liability on offense - he will be one of the best finishers on the team.

No high standards at all. He is has areas to work on and time to improve. I dont think he is ready to contribute much his rookie season. But as of now what he provides or is for the most part is Jerome Williams. How he betters that is on him.
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