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Default Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association

The Spurs have no chance against the Clippers.

Both teams have started the season off 4-0 and tonight the Clippers will extend it to 5-0 while the Spurs will go to 4-1. I watched the Oklahoma/San Antonio game and was severly unimpressed by SA. First off, the only reason they won that game is lucky three pointers. I think that's their best three point performance they'll see in the next five years. They were completely inept at guarding Westbrook as he slashed, and Chris Paul will do the same tomorrow to the slow defense.

Yes, I said it, slow defense. The Spurs are an old team who can't keep up with the pace of the Clippers. Lob City is going to run them out of the building with their pace. The only guy on the Spurs starting lineup that is as fast as any of the Clippers starters is Kawhi Leonard and I have reason to believe he's a steroid abuser and will be gone from the league in about two years.

Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili have been nothing special this season. I'll take my chances in saying that if they suck it up tomorrow and force Leonard and Parker to carry the load again it'll be game, set, and match. It's not like Tim Duncan has a chance against Blake Griffin anyways, who is the best two-way power forward in the NBA right now.

The Clippers defend against the Spurs very well, due to athletic advantage. Tony Parker will not be able to break down any sort of Clippers defense if he tries to penetrate. Without him this team is just a 40 year old washed up Tim Duncan and a bunch of spot up shooters who can't create a shot if their lives depended on it. Add in some roleplaying bigs who have no ability on the court except height and weight, and this game is a recipie for disaster for Gregg Popovich.

I predict the Clippers win by at least 12 points.
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