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Default Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association

Manu Ginobili is the dirtiest player in NBA history

It was hard for me to watch last night's game when the Spurs came to town. One would assume it was due to the loss, but no. I'm sick of watching Manu flop his way around the league and get away with it. His play last night nearly brought me to the point of vomiting. The referees turn a blind eye as he throws cheap elbows and grabs the necks of other players violently, yet whenever he decides to fly to the ground like a Hollywood actor, they blow that whistle all day long.

I was very sad when the Spurs extended his contract a short while ago. I was hoping he would just fade into obscurity somewhere in Europe, but those dumbasses thought it'd be good to degrade the quality of basketball for one more year.

You all sicken me.
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