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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by idizzle
I like Burke, but if the Pistons keep Knight at SG then the backcourt is going to be undersize. Burke is 6'0 and Knight is 6'3. They aren't exactly the 2nd coming of Isiahh Thomas and Joe Dumars lol.

Absolutely. I guess I should've expanded what I was thinking. Knight would be the new 6th man since Stuckey is probably going somewhere else. I think if Knight was going to be the PG of the future they wouldn't have traded for Calderon, publicly stated that they want to resign him, and tried to sell the public on Knight being a SG. Joe D seems to think undersized backcourts are ok, since him & Isiah got it done back in the day. Unfortunately, we don't have two future Hall Of Famers at those positions so it's just not going to work the same. Plus we don't have the bench to make up for it either. If we go into the season with Knight and Calderon as our starting guards management should really start thinking about Joe Dumars role with the Pistons.
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