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Default Re: Tomb Raider is awesome

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
It is a challenge to max out the perks. I'm pretty sociopathic about the collectables for some reason. I managed to get to nearly 100% on all the GPS, Letters, and treasure chests on the first go through. Those things give out tons of XP, so they're critical to get in upgrading, because I found all but a couple items and still didn't max out until just before the final level.

Also, if you find the secret tombs, they'll yeild maps that will show you where the GPS's and various other items are. In addition to giving you a ton of XP on their own.

The only thing they won't show you are the level specific bonus challenges, like shooting the dreamcatchers in the first level. Those give you XP too, but they're really hard to find. I managed to close out every level but three on those. One of which I didn't find a single of the items on my own.
I maxed out the perks, surprisingly easily after I made that post.

Now though I've got to max out the weapons. I thought I only had the shotgun left, but apparently I was missing a rifle part and that added two more things. I can't find anyone else to shoot for salvage, and I usually scour the areas pretty thoroughly. and to finish maxing out I need 1K. Maybe there will be some story DLC later on that'll get me closer. Because it's not worth the hassle right now of scavenging animals for awhile.

Beat all the tombs, got all the documents, GPS caches, and artifacts. Just have the challenges left. I'm with you on the challenges though, there's I think 4 I didn't finish. The eggs, the mushrooms which I'm pretty sure is goddamn impossible. I cannot find the two I need there at all, the burn the sacks thing mostly because I hate that level (it's the one where there's bodies/limbs everywhere and you shoot tons of gas things), and one other I believe. The one I didn't find at all was the sun things, but I couldn't figure out how to get one of the documents without using youtube so I knocked that out with a friendly video guide took me all of maybe 10 minutes.
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