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Default Re: Tomb Raider is awesome

Originally Posted by Rose
I maxed out the perks, surprisingly easily after I made that post.

Now though I've got to max out the weapons. I thought I only had the shotgun left, but apparently I was missing a rifle part and that added two more things. I can't find anyone else to shoot for salvage, and I usually scour the areas pretty thoroughly. and to finish maxing out I need 1K. Maybe there will be some story DLC later on that'll get me closer. Because it's not worth the hassle right now of scavenging animals for awhile.

Beat all the tombs, got all the documents, GPS caches, and artifacts. Just have the challenges left. I'm with you on the challenges though, there's I think 4 I didn't finish. The eggs, the mushrooms which I'm pretty sure is goddamn impossible. I cannot find the two I need there at all, the burn the sacks thing mostly because I hate that level (it's the one where there's bodies/limbs everywhere and you shoot tons of gas things), and one other I believe. The one I didn't find at all was the sun things, but I couldn't figure out how to get one of the documents without using youtube so I knocked that out with a friendly video guide took me all of maybe 10 minutes.

The three I didn't get without help were:

The Sun things, which I frankly didn't even notice until I looked them up. And that's even after beating it and going back because I saw I was missing them, and even looking for them couldn't see them.

The exploding mines on the beach, which I found all but two of. Both of those were in the water, and while watching the video for it on youtube and tracking them down, one of the ones I missed I wound up just shooting in that general direction, because I still couldn't see the thing, even using the survival instinct vision.

And the last one was one you may still be missing, because that area doesn't have a base camp. I know I was checking them by running over the map base camp to base camp because it gives you a breakdown of where you stand in that particular region. But this area doesn't have one.
It's the area off the beach that looks like a mountainside base, with a big window facing out of the side of a mountain over the sea. You need to rope arrow your way over there. The thing you have to find is called something like "former inhabitants". They're posters like they had in another level you have to burn. I got them all myself except for one, and that one was all the way up on a crane beyond the abandoned Jeep, just before you'd rope over to the boat. It's so high up you can barely see it, and you have to hit it with a burning arrow to burn it.

I'm not sure how to tell you to get more salvage. It's probably just crates you're missing. I know I was surprised it took me that long to ramp all the way up.
I'd like to start over from the beginning with all my weapons and go at it really fast, but it doesn't appear to be an option. I noticed there's a trophy for rope arrowing guys and pulling them off ledges, something that never even occurred to me. I'd like to get it, but I don't want to start over completely and have to re-up my weapons.
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