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NEVER forget da SONICS
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Default stockton's the best

hey bricklayer

thanks for the words regarding payton.

even though he is one of my favorite all time sonic, i do beleive that stockton is THE best pure point guard ever. some may say cousey; i wouldn't argue with those who might pick magic johnson (he is my favorite all purpose point). it amazes me that people overlook stockton. i think there is a bit of bias against him because he wasnt flashy, he did not win a ring and that he was from the jazz. but to me, those are not valid arguments to take away the fact he is the all time assist and steals leader and that he was made those great jazz teams click

those were some great battles against the sonics in the 90s; i always looked forward to those games-- especially in the playoffs

bricklayer,-keep dropping knowledge on the poor espn-highlight reel-slam-dunking-neophytes who think they know the nba...
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