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Default Adjusted Interceptions 2012

-We add in plays where the quarterback only escaped an interception because the defender couldn't hold onto the ball (dropped interceptions, which we've been tracking in game charting since 2007).

-We subtract plays where the interception is tipped to the defender by a receiver who should have caught the pass.

-We subtract Hail Mary interceptions as well as interceptions thrown in desperation on fourth down in the final 2:00 of a game.

this is a good list...Football Outsiders adjusted INT rates...

Luck had the most Adjusted INTs...he had 14 INTs that were dropped ...guess he had some "Luck"

as far as the 'rate" goes though he was 5th in the NFL, 4.8% rate...

1. R.Lindley - 5.3%
t2. B.Weeden - 5.0%
t2. J.Skelton - 5.0%
t2. M.Hasselbeck -5.0%
5. A.Luck - 4.8%
t6. M.Sanchez - 4.6%
t6. J.Cutler - 4.6%
t6. C.Henne - 4.6%
9. E.Manning - 4.5%
10. J.Freeman - 4.3%
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