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Default Re: Mclemore/smart/carter-Williams

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
Smart is the type of player that will change the culture of your team. He has that KG intangibles and will be one of the better perimeter defenders in the NBA for most of his career.

I'm not sure his upside is as good as McLemore or MCW, but he's definitely the safest prospect of the three. imo, his floor as a player is.. Hrm. Whatever player that will give you great defense, good playmaking, strong rebounding, and inconsistent offense at the 2-guard position.

He still reminds me a lot of DWade. Not saying he will be as good, but their playing styles are very similar.

I agree about Smart. There's a lot of variance between Wade and Rodney Stuckey, but they're cut from the same cloth. If he can masquerade as a PG a bit, he could have some of what a young Chauncey Billups bought to the table.

I'm a Syracuse fan and certainly know more about him than either of the others. He's got the most pure PG instincts of the group, but I'm not sure he really is a PG. He's very uncomfortable doing the more fundamental PG things. Pressure actually bothers him bringing it up. He's an incredibly gifted playmaker though, which is why he feels like a PG. His vision is top rate, but he feels like more of a playmaker after getting the ball, or he's great in the open court, but the nuts and bolts, the grimy part of playing PG he doesn't excel at. Also, he's an awfull shooter. Just not good. Shaun Livingston isn't a bad comp, but I feel Livingston was better fundamentally, although neither can shoot. I was gonna say a Joe Johnson who can't shoot, but that takes a lot away from what Joe Johnson is. Alexy Shved actually did a lot of similar things, and he's a guy I found I loved this summer internationally, and could see MCW doing some of what he did for Minnesota this year (which actually is something of a poor man's version of Ricky Rubio).

Finally, McLemore, who's Kansas jersey let me see him a lot on TV this year, just isnt' a similar player. He's a true SG. An elite athlete who will defend, and his jumper will play immediately. He really has limited ball handling skills however. I do think his downside is still pretty good though. An elite athlete that can shoot, fill the lane and cut on offense, even if he can't give you a ton creating on his own, and will defend, can still give you Jason Richardson over a career, which isn't bad at all. Those other guys really need the ball to be their best, so there's some risk in how they perform without it. That's less true with McLemore. And if his handle does develop, you could have a star. Harrison Barnes had a similar profile for me too last year.
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