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Default Re: What if we make the playoffs?

Originally Posted by bokes15
I would think, in a perfect world where everything went right, we didn't face so many injuries, and everything clicked from day 1, we're a .500 team. 41-41. We've pretty much played .500 ball from the start of December to now (10-10). The 8th seed will probably be at least a .500 record and perhaps even a few games over because as it stands 8th is 2 games over .500. So at a minimum over our last 45 games we'd have to go 27-18 just for a shot at sniffing the 8th seed. We're a .500 team at best so I don't see us doing any better than maybe like 20-25 which would put us at 34-48 for the year and a 10-12 seed, which is exactly around where I expect us to finish.
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