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Default Re: The sure to be epic 2013 Jazz off-season!

I'd look to trade it. They don't need a young 3 man bigs rotation though Noel could make some sense coming off injury. He might not be back until mid December and than could be sent to D-League for rehab for a while than if he forces their hand with his play there they could make a move. Might be in tank mode by that point of the season anyway. With Favors possibly in line for a Hibbert type contract it would be a lot easier to let him go with Noel sounding like the same type of defensive presence.

One scout says McLemore is better than Ray Allen But others don't think much of him.

C.J. McCollum sounds like the best fit at the one to me and he is projected to be picked in the middle of the first.

Could look at a sf. With Burks and Hayward running the offense there might be room for another young guy there and a posssible replacement for G if he gets a Batum like deal thrown at him.

Other than a combo guard to play alongside Burks and G they should be looking at guys to leave in Europe or the D-League unless they are better than the young guys they alreay have and I'm not sure those players are in this draft so trades are fine with me.

With a GM from SA I hope they start using their formula. They used the D-League for a while this year. Not sure why Murphy didn't go back there after they got healthier though?

Could look at the best player available and once Paul signs with the Clpps and Bledsoe becomes available they can make their move for him.
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