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Default Re: Injustice: Gods Among Us (DC Comics fighter)

Originally Posted by Brujesino
I dont know what to tell you.It's a little different from MK and I think they decided to take some stuff from street fighter like pressing back is now block.Also combos seem way more important in this game unlike in MK.

You think combos don't seem too important in MK? I've still been playing it ever since it came out, and you gotta have some serious combos in your arsenal to be competitive. You can't do much after I drop 61% damage on you with Quan Chi, or 47% with Kitana.

I played the Injustice demo and wasn't too impressed with it. It looks great, but the controls just don't feel as fluid or precise as they did with MK9. I've never had an issue getting off special moves in fighting games, but in the demo, i had some trouble getting off a couple of Batman's specials consistently...maybe the finished product's a little more streamlined. I'll Redbox it if I see it, but I don't think I'll be dropping $60 for it.

Oh, and Batman's voice.
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