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Default Re: Bryan Colangelo: Raptors will make run for playoffs next season with Casey in charge

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
And without me as a fan if Colangelo is back. I couldn't even load up a second of any video of that conference. I can't stand listening to that man spout his bullshit. This franchise is a mess.

I hope Colangelo is watching the 1st round this year (and pretty much every other year). Where the clearly inferior lower seeds are being slaughtered like it was an exhibition game. The 1st round in the NBA playoffs is generally nothing more than a formality. I would hope that fans wouldn't be happy with a team that has a ceiling just making the playoffs in 7th or 8th every year but the sheep will always be there.

Good post Q.

I wont give up watching but I see your point.

I used to be willing to give BC the chance for the sake of franchise stability; but after passing on Drummond he lost me.

I dont think this team as currently constituated can actually make 7 / 8 as other teams in the east will retool as well; some will have cap space to do so. See Detroit See Bucks See Atlanta See Washington (depending on Wall's contract).

I suppose one might argue that 500 after Rudy Gay means soemthing ; but Rudy / Demar / Val / Kyle / Amir which sounds nice on paper also has a lot of the same issues we saw. D is still suspect despite a D orientated coach. Vals d will improve but it is still a couple years away. Klow has to distribute and drive and know when to do what. The overlap in Derozan and Rudy's game.

I suppose a lot will depend on the Bargnani off season trade; and we are selling low. Another wing player where we have too much ? Another low first rounder ?

Frankly I am not sure that ownership cares as much as the fans do about being a consistent "above average team". I mean 2 playoff home games (18000 tickets @ $45 avg) is $1.6 in revenue without player salaries to pay. Given that the Leafs are in their first playoff in 9 years and the Blue Jays have question marks despire loading up, I am willing to bet Management just see's the opportunity in 2 one and done seasons. "Building theme". Frankly outside of the 8000 or so hard core Raptor NBA fans I am willing to bet that Toronto would be happy with 2 one and done teams...

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