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Default Re: Bryan Colangelo: Raptors will make run for playoffs next season with Casey in charge

Originally Posted by bluerap
I wish someone in the media would have asked him how he intends to improve the team with zero cap space.

This ++

$65,887,884 next season it says on the boards. Assume a cap of $67Million and Luxury of $71Million and the Raptors wont pay the Luxury. Further I think Landry's contract on the cap actually accounts for more than the $5.5Million he is paid...right ??? His cap hit is nearer $7M therefore the actual cap salary is already at or over and just under Luxury.

Without Alan Anderson / Telfir coming back. Frankly two depth guys I would like to see around here.

I suppose Kliza amnesty $4.5 million helps but not next season as some of that stays on the books.

As always it actually boils down to Bargnani and Kliza - $11M & $4.5 Mill - approximately $15M

1) Move the money/deals/player
2) Get talent back in some form or another
3) Take less back in money than going out

....and do so while selling low.

Maybe there is a silver lining out there somewhere as Kliza expires this season and Barges next so teams could be taking them on to position themselves for a Lbron opt out, or Cbosh opt out, or draft... I just dont see it. I think the best we can hope for is another talent at less money in a position we already have too much of...

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