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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

This draft keeps getting weaker and weaker. I'm really suprised at the number of guys who have decided to stay. McDermott is playing his senior season now. So is Russ Smith. Neither of which would have been on the Pistons radar, but it does make others who may have been move up a few spots to teams that may now snag them. People are starting to project quite a few Europeans to get selected in the 1st round now. Possibly up to 6.

If we draft 7th we don't have a chance at Otto Porter or Trey Burke. They're off the list now. McLemore will definitely be in the top 4 picks too.

I'm looking at guys like Muhammad, Williams-Carter, and even Adetokoubo. Theres now a lot of mock drafts that have us selecting Cody Zeller just because he's the best available at where we'll be picking. Granted we would have an awesome front line, but that would still make us really weak outside.

It may be worth while to look into moving down a few picks even. If we could package our two 2nd round picks and move into the first round that might be better to get a servicable player. Those 2nd round picks are basically worthless. We have the cap space to give a 1st round pick a contract (since it's guaranteed) and take the gamble they turn into something decent. There may be a team that doesn't have much cap space that would be willing to give up a later 1st round pick for two 2nd rounders that they won't have to pay as much or they can just cut. Maybe we could take a gamble on a guy like DeShaun Thomas in the late first round if we moved up from the 2nd. Him and a guy like Muhammad or Carter-Williams would be a pretty good draft.
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