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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

My rule w association is you have to turn on trade override and do trades for the computer. Otherwise you get the same teams ending up terrible and it makes for poor player storylines: i.e. Irving, Paul, Cousins, D-12 ALWAYS ending up journeymen on terrible teams.

Computer drafted a 1st overall and 2nd overall (conseq years) for my Mavs after Dirk left and team went to shit. Luck of the irish but I literally end up with two 99s.

My team is

Pg- Bledsoe, Goudelock, Felton
Sg - Fox ("Monte do it all")
Sf - MKG, Jeff Green
Pf - Fortson (my 2nd 99. Doesnt particularly affect game outcomes) Ryan Anderson
C - I've shuffled through so many. Fab Melo has been a consistent backup.

Bledsoe can have a loooong career. I like him. Goudelock is a great shooter. Felton is fat but you know he can do some stuff sometimes.

Fox just makes every shot he takes and can wham. On Superstar, I put up 75 with him in a game 7... 52 in the second half. Didnt even feel like cheating. He was just unstoppable. I've had Nick Young, John Jenkins, and Marcus Thorton randomly put up like 30-50 on me so I have no remorse for my hot shooting games.

MKG IS A BITCH. I hire this dude to be my Scottie Pip. He just cannot be relied on for anything. He is not in my scoring rotation.

Fortson. Computer has a strange way of creating players w high ratings that just dont really work as players. Fortson is a 99 ovr and is reliable and consistently almost-excellent but he's a 99.

Center. God damn. My cap space is so constantly near 0, staying w a center has been difficult. Had Nik Pek - he was just injured and got beat and did dumb things too often. Fab melo never could be more than a defensive sub. I hired a bad tyson chandler out of FA. he got TORN UP by Andre Drummond (W Irving on the Grizz) in a 5 game series I lost in the finals. Dropped his ass like a sack of hammers.

I do cheat moderately. Turn off when I lose to dumb teams or get swept first round of playoffs by an 8 seed. Won 3 champs in a row. 4th year, had best record BY FAR - 73-9 - but was in shambles in the playoffs. Went to a 7 game series w every seed. Got beat in 5 in finals. Bledsoe was out, MKG hurt, my center was hurt... was bad.
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