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Default Re: How old do you think you can carry on playing basketball til?

I think I'll be able to play until I'm 45. I am 27, and just found the elixir of youth. I'm serious. Ice cold showers. I didn't realize how ridiculously awesome they are for recovery and making your body feel good. At 27, I feel better than I ever have in my entire life. I've played basketball 6 days in a row, and I feel like I am getting stronger everyday.

I've had lower back problems my whole life. I do a 10 minute stretching routine everyday, no exceptions, and hit my body (and especially lower back) with the 2 minute ice cold shower. I actually just finished dominating and just got back. I just hopped on ISH after my shower, and my body feels like I didn't even play.

If you don't do it..i'd suggest four things, get leaner, drink juice (from a juicer), take ice cold showers, and find a stretching routine that works on your weaknesses.
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