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Originally Posted by beastmode
it's fun when u play with people who can set a good pick and dives
For sure. If you have a teammate who truly respects the idea of the pick-and-roll and believes in its execution, it's a wonderful thing.

I play with a wide range of players, including college level and minor league types but the god's honest truth is the best pick-and-roll player I've run with over the last few years is a 5'9'' 50 year year old. I understand how ridiculous that sounds, but the fact he has no delusions of grandeur about scoring a ton or "getting his" allows him to approach the game from an angle that leads him to do whatever he can to help his team win.

With that in mind, this fellow will set pick after pick, and he always knows exactly when to roll and how to roll. It repeatedly forces a situation where his defender must at least hedge (and that defender likely feels comfortable in doing so since his guy is 50 years old) and this will either provide me adequate space to get a clean look or my screener will roll craftily toward the hoop where he's often in position for an easy bucket or a drop off to an open man after drawing help.

The unathletic old fellows who keenly run effective pick-and-rolls serve as motivation for me to run them the right way as well. I admit I am guilty of too often picking and standing, or picking and popping, which are both cop outs. I regularly must remind myself to roll, even if it feels like the roll isn't going to take me to an open area. Sometimes the simple act of rolling is enough to create an opportunity for your teammate if nothing else. It's like how filling the lane on a break, even if you know you're not a legitimate option, can be very beneficial just in terms of making the defense worry about an extra man, creating a lane for someone who is in scoring position.

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