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alenleomessi is starting to rub some people the wrong wayalenleomessi is starting to rub some people the wrong way
Default Re: 2012/2013 UEFA Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by Lebowsky
So you're a nice guy irl and you thought you'd be good idea to be a lowlife piece of shit here? How does that make any sense.
You couldn't hurt anyone's feelings no matter how hard you tried. You're actually like that obnoxious, retarded kid we all knew back in school who wouldn't ever shut his idiotic mouth up and to whom nobody ever paid any mind. Sometimes you couldn't help overhearing some of the awkward stuff he would say and it would you glad you were not him. No identity, no personality, not a single thought of your own. That's how sad you are.
you are so off dude

the insults i give to posters here are at least a little bit true
this one is way off, like pretty much the completely opposite.

you failed, try again.
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