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Most people can set a pick, doesn't mean it's any good for you to shed your guy. I'd say 9 out of 10 never ever roll to the basket. Most of the time, after I use the pick, the guy who sets the pick just stands there. So when I play with these guys, I virtually always take the shot. It's a bit selfish but if I get a a good screen and my shot is on, I'll take it.

Now on the rare occasions I play with Lithuanian, I become Steve Nash in assist mode. These guys set awesome picks and roll hard.

When you play with someone who knows the pick and roll - properly. You can have never played with them before and still have great chemistry.

Most Chinese people I played with and against rarely set picks or know how to roll. Exception to the rule was with this one guy who turned up one time to the rec ball, he was average build, average athleticism but he knew to set a pick and then roll towards the basket, man it was like instant chemistry!!

A side point, I was chatting to this guy who use to be pro. He says he prefers back picks, it's a lot easier to run, and for a shooter to get open. And I agree. It's not dependent on a PG to deliver the ball in a pnr situation. Then again, a lot of people can't understand the principle of setting a pick away from the ball...

However, for me the pick is now a major part of my offensive arsenal. I always call for picks now, whereas when I was younger I preferred to break em off the dribble.
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