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Default Re: GAME: Predict the 2013 NBA Playoffs

Originally Posted by airchibundo507
original predictions

Heat in 4
Knicks in 6
Pacers in 5
Chicago in 6

Thunder in 4
Spurs in 5
Nuggets in 5
Clippers in 7

6/8 in picking winners
out of the series I picked correctly, I was off on the series length by a combined 5 games... not bad.

going by that metric, jasi had the best first round predictions. he correctly picked 6/8 winners and of those 6 series, he was off on series length by only one game (in the Thunder series too, the results of which are skewed due to Westbrook's injury)

for the next round, I'll have to revise my picks:

Heat in 5
Knicks in 6
Memphis in 6
Spurs in 5

I don't think you can revise your picks. The ones you had at the beginning remain.
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