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Default let them both go

Dunlevy has been as much of a disappointment as foyle. Both has given the warriors a unsatificing performances. Their contracts are more valuable than their skill. I doubt that we can trade dunleavy without an attactment. Trading him is better than trading fisher. If we want to go to the playoff, we need to cut players who can play with more consistency. Trading murphy is a good idea, even though he is match up to his potential. He will give you the points and the rebounds every single game. However, murphy is one of the player that you have to trade because he isn't the type of player we need in the warrior offense. We need PF that is more atletic, quicker, and physical at the post. We want PF that can run up and down the floor easily. Hopefully, we can trade dunlevy and murphy for a forward that can pose a threat at the offence like harrington or something. This will take the presure off JR and the Boom Dizzle!
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