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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY TEAM MODE' Discussion

Just started My Team. Got this team with AJ Price but sold him to get Marshon Brooks. I have Byron Scott as the coach, Suns playbook, Kings home court, and these jerseys.

PG: Mack/Selby
SG: Brooks/Mason
SF: Babbit/I forgot
PF: Rashard/Jeremy Evans
C: Steimsma/buttload of center that I would sell for cheap silver players

3-0 so far, haven't played a game in 8th seed. Two of those wins were rage quits when they were down double digits with around a minute to 30 second left in the game Once summer comes, I would probably slow down on my My Career since I'm already in my 4th season and go all out for My Team. My plan would be to get at least 1 current top player(LeBron/KD/Melo), find some gold legends, and buy supporting silver/gold players.
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