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VC may not be in this so-called "Elite 3" but he IS top 3 in the league in sheer talent. Living out west in Utah, I rarely get a chance to see Carter play (we don't get raptors or nets games out here... crazy!), and I always seem to forget about him. But every time I see him play against the Jazz or on nationally televised games, I get a swift reminder and think, "What... a... freak. Why on EARTH isn't this guy worshipped?" I don't know, maybe he plays like crap sometimes when i don't see him, but with that kind of talent, he SHOULD be taking his team far into the playoffs. And all I can chalk it up to is a lack of self-motivation. Put Kobe's or even Matt Harpring's work ethic into VC's body and you have an "Elite ONE."
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