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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

eg is simultaneously the smartest and stupidest team in the world.

well, maybe i wouldn't go that far...

anyways, releasing idra was the right thing to do. all he's been doing for months is not improving at sc2 and just generating attention for being a bitch. if i was a sponsor i wouldnt want a team whose big pull (one of their big pulls, I guess) was a guy who acts like a bitch constantly.

idra legitimately needs mental help if he wants to continue playing sc2 at a pro level (which he's not really good enough to do anyways). he should have done the same thing as incontrol and just focused on casting because he's never winning anything again and not getting any younger, plus now he doesn't even have a team. hindsight 20/20, i guess.

he's won a lot of prize money and had a ridiculous salary from eg for years now, so he'll be fine financially (plus eg is helping pay for his current apartment still). i just wonder what he'll do.
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