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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

There is too many changes that is making me super excited for this game to come out. Biggest of them all is the shooting mechanics. I hated GTA 4 (and previous installments) for their weak shooting/cover system. With a more refined story, Max Payne 3 could have been a top 3 game of All-Time to me mostly because of its shooting mechanics. Now if GTA will use a similar system, this game might elevate the standard by which all games are measured.

The only thing that scares me is having 3 protagonists. It just sounds like you might miss out key areas to the story. For example, when you're using Michael; you might miss out parts of the story from Franklin and Trevor's view point. I like to be in control of the story and would hate to miss key moments of the game because I'm playing with a different character at the moment. They haven't revealed enough details for me to conclude that this will indeed happen, but it would definitely ruin the game for me a lot if that was to happen.

Everything I wanted changed from GTA 4 has been changed, it really is incredible; it's like Rockstar entered my mind and fixed every thing about the game I didn't like from GTA 4. The scary part is GTA 4 is easily one of the ten greatest games ever created; GTA 5 might surpass Uncharted for best game ever created in my book.

September might seem far away but the Last of Us is coming out in June so that will definitely keep me occupied until September considering the game is supposed to be very long with alternative endings. It's also an exploration type of game and strategy is key, so I'll definitely be busy mastering it until September.
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