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Default Re: Watch Dogs - Open World Gameplay Premiere Commentary

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
It does look awesome.

The concept is awesome, and the quality looks as good as I'd expect from an Ubisoft open world game.

It also has another advantage, one that I thought GTA V should have taken advantage of, it's located in the gorgeous city of Chicago. Just a perfect city for an open world game, very accessible, a few really identifiable landscape elements, like the Chicago River winding through it, and Lakeshore Drive running along Lake Michigan. Because the the river the city has a huge number of bridges. It's just a great city for this sort of setting.

I think DC would be a great city too. And this is now two straight GTA's where they're recycling old cities in a game where the city is in fact a huge character in the game. I'm sure GTA is gonna be great, and I look very forward to that as well. I just feel like they missed the boat a bit by not doing more cities.

They were talking about Tokyo and London at one point too. Tokyo looks like a video game city. Highways and ramps all over, it's all neon, has tons of hills, self contained little sections that are iconic. NOPE. Have to do the same cities over and over. I agree with you 100%.
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