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Default Re: Watch Dogs - Open World Gameplay Premiere Commentary

Originally Posted by niko
They were talking about Tokyo and London at one point too. Tokyo looks like a video game city. Highways and ramps all over, it's all neon, has tons of hills, self contained little sections that are iconic. NOPE. Have to do the same cities over and over. I agree with you 100%.

They already did London in the old GTAs. I think what makes GTA great as well is that it's a satire of american pop culture. I don't think it would be quite the same in a city like Tokyo. Let games like Sleeping Dogs cover that.

But a new city could be interesting.

I still don't understand how no one is doing an open city concept game set in Baltimore and based on the Wire. If done well, its a no brainer. Especially if you can choose to play as cops or drug dealers.
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