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Default Re: Watch Dogs - Open World Gameplay Premiere Commentary

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
When GTA V released there first little snippet of info, which was just a V with the inlay of money in it, there was a thread on here guessing cities.

Chicago and DC have always been my favorite notions for GTA, but I also suggested Rio, and agreed with London as being good ideas. But the lampooning of american culture is too big a part of what the series is, and I agree that it can't not be in the US (although Toronto might be doable). Then Rockstar came out and said the same thing, that the series will never go outside the US.

Baltimore would be excellent, and could also be tied into a larger DC story.

And as much as I'm looking forward to this rediculously good looking new GTA, I am still a little disappointed we're not exploring a new city.

Rio would've been cool, but Max Payne 3 came out just last year and it's set in Sao Paulo, so it just couldn't happen. I'm OK with GTA V in LA, it's such a huge city that it lends itself for multiple instalments, especially now that it's bigger and better recreated than ever before. However, I also would've liked to see a different city featured for once, somewhere like Detroit, Chicago or Boston. To be honest, I wouldn't like it if they ever took the franchise out of the US. It just doesn't feel right.
Now back on topic, Watch Dogs looks just fantastic. I wonder how that hacking system will work out, though. If the options are too limited, it will lose meaning. You can only hack into the traffic light system to cause an accident so many times before it gets old. I hope there's variety and the hacking serves a real purpose, instead of being a cool gimmick.
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