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Default Re: Make or Break for Sam Bradford?

Decent article, this is definitly NOT a make or break year for Sam.

IMO this year he is going into is actually one of his worst in terms of weapons...SJax is GONE, his top WR is a 5'8" rookie, the next two are sophmores who have barely played either.

They did snag Jake Long but he is no longer viewed as an elite tackle as he can't stay healthy...

It is absolutely inexcusable that they let all of those FA WRs get by them over the years...Vincent, Marshall, Jennings, etc etc etc...the list is endless, get this man a vet WR for the love if god.

But time that chart saying the Romo and Sam did the best in clutch situations last year? Wow, that's about the oposite of what fans actually think.
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