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Default Re: Mavs Should Get Mike Bibby

Originally Posted by Silent Mav
And it's a good thing you aren't a gm because you are wanting someone to pay thousands of dollars for a kia.

In case you didn't know bro, I don't consider Bibby worth that much. You really overrate his worth and caliber.

He's almost 30, due 28 m over the next two years. If he was in such great demand why couldn't they get a deal done before the trade deadline? He could opt out of his contract right now but isn't because he knows he will lose money. He just as big a liability on defense as Terry is.
Because BRO.....
We didnt get anything with that much substance we wanted....BECAUSE OF HIS CALIBER!!

Sure some would say(actual deals) Hasslem Dorel Wright #20(pick) and Jason Williams...Banks Gooden future firsts...are good deals....

But we were also looking to get kenny off our hands to..We didnt really want to trade Bibby ..Because he's still Proven and a Top Notch PG ....we didnt want to trade him just to trade him..we wanted to get better/younger

Point is you guys can Never get Bibby without giving up Harris and Diop...

i said Bibby Not Pargo, Gary Payton, Jaret Jack......
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